The whole prison and justice system needs to be overhauled urgently. This government seems to think that not all crime is serious when in actually fact the word crime should speak for itself – it is an illegal activity.

The reason why prison does not work is that it is far too soft and prisoners seem to have more human rights than law abiding citizens and their own victims. Therefore I have listed several ideas for toughening up the prisons,

  • Take away games consoles, TV’s and computer access
  • Cut down the amount of social access that criminals enjoy thus preventing gangs forming and drugs trafficking
  • Prisons should be run by the guards not the prisoners
  • Two people to a cell and meals served in the cell reducing contact with other prisoners and reducing the risk of violent conduct
  • No visiting rights, only contact by letters and no telephone calls.
  • Only visits from legal representatives allowed when appeals are in process.
  • Prisons should not be a rehabilitation centre, it should be a punishment and rehabilitation sessions should be carried out at the completion of sentencing
  • There should be no such thing as parole, early release or days and weekend releases. A prisoners should serve the whole sentence handed down by the courts.

Capital punishment

It is so costly to keep prisoners who are a danger to society and should never be allowed out of prison. We are talking about, murders, serial rapists, paedophiles and terrorists, it is about time, that the government sent a clear message to these people, by reintroducing capital punishment.

many people on this site, advocate a public referendum on this issue, to be added to the referendum in May 2011, and I and my family are no different in this opinion.

not the American system where people are kept on death row for years, and if all forensic evidence is consistent, and the crimes proved without doubt, these offenders should be executed within no more than one month.

Too often we allow these people out, to re offend and cause devastation to many families , also they are not only costly to keep, but also seem to be the section most willing to sue the government for beeches of their Human Rights, this is ridiculous, when you see the devastation they cause to society.

Why is this idea important?

Our society, seems to be over burdened with serious offenders, who have no fear in carrying out their crimes, as they know that if caught, they will face a life of luxury, in what is supposed to be a punishment, where they will have access, to activities and standards of care rarely enjoyed by poorer sections of this society, serious crime is on the rise, and prisons are overflowing, instead of building new prisons costing the tax payer money, we can clear out the dangerous criminals by executing them, I think the government would be amazed at how many spaces this would create, and then we can get on with issuing proper sentences, and no early releases.

we need to make our streets safer, by making people fear prison, rather than seeing it as a holiday camp worth committing the crime for.

As tax payers surely we are entitled to decide how our money is spent given the choice, would be pay for prisoners upkeep, or increase the budgets for Pensions, better public services, if the government ever had the guts to do the referendum on this I think they would be shocked at the results.

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