Gay people should be able to choose to get married, rather than being stuck with a second rate runners’ up prize. Civil partnerships are, in their own way, an advance. But it is like telling black people they can get on the white peoples’ bus but only if they stand up for the journey.

Why is this idea important?

All human beings should have the right to the same basic human rights. The right to marry is one of those rights. We would not dream now of banning black people from marriage, or disabled people. So why gay people? This is an issue of freedom, choice and dignity. Not all gay people want to get married, just as many straight people choose not to. But that is choice. At the moment, I and many, many other gay people do not have that choice. Giving me a fake pretend marriage in civil partnerships is not good enough – the government telling me that I am not good enough to get married is unacceptable. Gay people will always exist – get over it and treat us like human beings!

2 Replies to “Reform the law that stops gay people getting married”

  1. Yes, great idea!…Im in France just now and I am delighted to see that, at last, the French constitution has been amended to ‘allow’ ALL individuals living in this state to marry and adopt if they wish to do so. Fantastic advancement….which of course comes very late, but it is here now too!…It will arrive to you soon too…states within the EU can only postpone this inevitability…Now, as a black person, I must remind you of the chasm that exists between paper statements and real life…

  2. Surely the UK has legalised same-sex civil marriage?

    No church or church minister should be required to do same sex or indeed any marriages against their will.

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