Make the CBT permanent so that riders do not have to re-take it every two years. This is unnecessary and acts as a disincentive for people to continue using cheaper, greener transport. 

Abolish the requirement for a CBT for anyone with a full driving license who has held that license for a minimum period – say 5 years. I have been driving for over twenty years, riding scooters and mopeds on and off  over that time. If I want to ride my 125cc scooter, why do I need to take a CBT every 2 years to continue doing so. For what purpose? Why do I have to pay for training that I don't need?

Why is this idea important?

Because these restrictions are unnecessary and dissuade  people from using cheaper, greener transport. Every two years my scooter goes into my garden shed and I get back in my car, while I sort out  (and pay) to take a course in training I do not need. This year, I can't be bothered so I use my car instead and my scooter sits idle. What are the benefits of that?

I don't need or want to get my full bike license – I have never ridden, and do not intend to ride a big bike over 125cc.

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