The current system of an individual needing seperate CRB checks for various activities is a waste of money & builds in unnecessary beaurocracy & costs; particularly in the public sector. Examples are:

  • A member of staff within the NHS who is changing roles (even within the same environment) is required to obtain a further CRB before being allowed to work unsupervised with the same patients she were working with previously.
  • A hospital chaplain is required to have a seperate check for each environment he works in  – I have heard of someone requiring 6 sepaerate checks.
  • Someone CRB checked for their employment still needs a further check for any voluntary work. E.g a Nurse who then wants to help at Brownies or similar.

It would make sense for this document to be a personally held check that is transferable with perhaps an on line or telephone check to obtain an update from centrally held records from time to time. 

Why is this idea important?

This would remove unneccessary beaurocracy, streamline recruitment into employment, and should demonstarte considerable cost saving as these checks are government subsidised for Charities and cost £30 each for normal organisations many of whom are public sector.

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