At the moment we appear to be locked forever into the EU no matter what happens.

If the Government is really intent on putting power back into the hands of the people, there has to be some way of repealing all laws and treaties made in our name and this includes our membership or the way we are part of the EU.

Once every generation, say every 25 years there should be two referendum, 1 concerning our ongoing membership of the EU and one concerning our relationship with the EU.

This should actually be available to all EU countries and would certainly make the EU more accountable to the population.

It is most certainly a fact that no one who voted at the last referendum on our membership of the EU voted for it becoming an ever greater controling part of our everyday life.

I personally would not wish Great Britain to leave the EU, however I wish to be ap art of it but most certainly not controlled by it.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important as it would be part of our government regaining the trust that has been lost in politicians.

Most people still, even with this new coalition parliament, have little trust that politicians are in it for the good of the country.

Its going to take a long time, probably much longer than the life of this parliament, to restore that trust.

A referendum along the lines I have outlined above would go a long way to doing just that.

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