Britain is over burderened with too many people, claiming the wrong type of benefits, the reason for this is that Job centre workers, are not properly trained and just hand out what they feel is applicable, we need each job centre worker, to take on specific cases and see those through to completion, as some one who has had to recently claimed benefits, it is so frustrating to have to repeat yourself over and over again to different people, having to produce the same evidence to so many different people and departments, and never speaking to the same person twice.

it is not always the fault of people that they are unemployed or disabled, but there are those elements in society that abuse the system, and are allowed to do so, because of the shambolic mess the job centres are in, staff do not know individual claimants, and tend to lump every one in the same category, which at times can be extremely insulting and quite soul destroying.

why is it that people can continue to churn out children and expect the state to keep paying for them, my idea is, that after two children there will be no more child allowance and no extra benefits of any kind, people need to take responsibility for there own off spring.

further more, those teenagers that have never worked, and get themselves pregnant as a way of staying out of work, should not be given any benefits of any kind as they have not contributed to the system. I know this is hard line, but I am sick of walking round town and seeing 15-18 year old girls wheeling their kids around in brand new prams/buggies that ordinary hardworking families cannot afford.

On the matter of disability benefits, the person should be dealt with by one caseworker, who they get to know and gets to know them and their individual problems this way I feel is the best way of weeding out false claimants, and its just common sense.

I do not believe that any one who is entering in to this country should be automatically entitled to benefits, and NHS system. A two year qualifying period, where by the person pays tax continuously should be applied be fore any access to benefits should be given, this is not a raciest view, but pure common sense, when at the moment, anyone granted the right to live in this country can then bring in relatives for treatment, and even claim child benefit for children residing in their own country.


Why is this idea important?

We need to clear up the benefits system urgently, give the right people the right benefits, stop the madness of foreigners claiming when they have not paid in to our system and are supposedly here to work.

My wife and I realise that having more than one child was beyond our means and therefore people who continually abuse the system by having children they cannot support, therefore should not be supported by the benefit system.

I am sure that Mr Bevan did not set up this system for it to be so abused on such a huge scale, we are a generous and tolerant nation, but we now need to look after the people that really need these benefits, anyone earning an income of over £35,000. does not need and should not be claiming any kind of benefits.

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