A refusal by The Chancellor of the Exchequer and his Management Team to financially support non-essential fluoridation programmes and a refusal to sponsor the National Fluoride Information Centre at its derelict, deserted office at Manchester University would not cause unemployment.  A better use of the money would be for the establishment of pre-natal, post-natal, nursery and school dentistry services which would create employment or preserve jobs and which would be more effective in the long-term in preventing dental decay.  Such ethical interventions would promote the practice of lifelong dental hygiene as well as cascading hygiene down through the generations so that dental decay in children would be a rare occurrence. 

Fluoridation is an illegal state intervention which should not be underpinned by public money.  Fluoridation is an unwise intervention which ultimately disfigures children's teeth (dental fluorosis) and which causes ill-health amongst susceptible adults who are fluoridated.  It's also medically unethical and against our civil liberties.

Why is this idea important?

If the Coalition Government is truly sincere about reducing the National Debt, and about "rolling back the Big Brother State", thereby restoring our civil liberties, refusing to financially underpin such an unpopular medical intervention would be a highly significant move.  Refusal by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and his team would save millions of pounds and would convince thousands, if not millions of British citizens that a new political day has finally dawned. 

Furthermore, a refusal to financially support fluoridation would convince people that the plea by certain members of the Government and by the medical and scientific community for people to be responsible for their own health outcomes is utterly genuine and not a cynical political tactic.

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