As a practising solicitor I am well aware of the passion of the now defunct Labour Government  for control freakery which is legend.

The new government must now set about repealing or limiiting overbearing and burdonsome authorities such as the Solicitors Regulation Aurhority.  

This wholly unnecessary body is now  becoming an empire building monstrosity.  The vast majority of practising solicitors are honest and hard working and do not need an interfering institution such as this which has taken upon its self  the task of teling us how to run our practises and businesses. 


All the legal profession needs is a good independent complaints body  and nothing more..

Why is this idea important?

The SRA is now levying fees to runs its office employing large  numbers of people adding to the already high cost of running a practice. It seems they have an unlimited right to do so. This can only mean that legal fees,never popular,will have to rise to cover this cost.




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