Change the rehabilitation of offenders act that anyone, irrespective of sentence, has a rehabiltation period. Due to the 30 month ruling, people sentenced to over 30 months cannot get home insurance, car insurance, jobs etc due to having to declare unspent convictions.

If a person sentenced to 29 months and 30 days can be rehabilitated how can a person, sentenced for the same crime, to a sentence of 30 months or over, not be rehabilitated. If a person over 30 months sentence cannot be rehabilitated then they should not be released back into the community. This government wants people off unemployment and into jobs then they are going to have to change the Rehabilitation of offenders act that any sentence has a rehabiltation period of non offending. one in every four people in the UK has a criminal record but a chance has to be given to people who are rehabilitated or whats the point.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because life is difficult enough for ex offenders without there life being restricted by out of date red tape. The law needs changed to allow ex offenders sentenced to any sentence to be rehabilitated. Even ex offenders are entitled to jobs, insurance so forth once they have not offended for a set period, for sentences over 30 months then realisticlly a rehabilitation period of 20 years is fair. To not have any period is a breach of human rights.

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