wales  and scotland kept the rule to simplify  within buisness local movements–the  new rules do nothing for diseaes control cos all such movments would be within a control zone—the english  movement book published just before the rules were announced  was designed to accomadate this red tape easing rule—but DEFRA chose to gold pate it _–its stupidity  considering the pressure already on commercial producers —as is most of the new electronic tagging rules —which introduce no better traceability than did conventional tags—just more work and more expense—at 2004 prices which we may return to –in many cases the tag will cost more than the sheep is worth .The  industry is collapsing in the face of the new regulations—certainly this GOLD PLATING only in england —putting us at a dis advantage to scotland wales and ireland is undefenceable  —–HELP–yours dougie watkin


Why is this idea important?

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