The Idea is something people have been calling out for for a great number of years now, and most European countries still have this instated. – National Service for 18+ unemployed and as a punishment for petty offenders.


Why is this idea important?

Our Prisons are full to bursting point, and provide short sentences provide little in the way of deterrence, all whilst at the same time costing mr. and mrs. taxpayer £1000's to keep them in boxes, doing nothing.

The Scrapping of National Service was a cynical effort on behalf of the PC brigade to make us a more progressive society, which is fair enough. But unfortunately the PC brigade forgot that society only understands good discipline when it instilled into it by insitution. (Even if a bit heavy handed)

Schools no longer provide discipline, so this can't be relied upon to instill the values into todays youngsters.

Introducing national service for 18+ year olds who are not in higher education or persistently unemployed would cut down on "yobs" on the streets, and give those a chance to learn new skills in the armed forces that can be transferred to civilian life when they leave, greatly increasing their chances of a well paid job to provide for themselves.

Bringing it back as a punishment for petty crime such as theft — keeping criminals separate of course — would again allow rehabilitation of offenders by instilling forced discipline upon them, and making them once again useful to society.

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