Remove from laws and regulations the concept that you can blame others for your own negligence, carelessness or failings and enshrine the principle that the FIRST responsibility for an individual's wellbeing and safety lies with the individual themselves

Why is this idea important?

The trend in regualtion and laws in recent years has been to encourage the  individual to look for someone else to blame rather than take responsibility for their own acts and welfare. This is true in the Health and Safety arena where for example if an employee is injured whilst doing something that common sense would say is stupid they can still sue their employer if the employer cannot prove they have been trained not to do whtever stupid thing it is they did. It is evident in the growth of the litigation culture where councils are sued if someone trips over on an uneven pavement – whatever happened to looking where you are going? People are now advised not to clear snow from the pavement outside their building because if someone slips over they might be prosecuted because they have changed the conditions whereas if they don't do the public spirited thing they are safe. Public bodies spend fortunes trying to make sure they have document trails that can be used to defend against potential litigation – all money that could be saved or spend on doing something useful like mending potholes or paying nurses

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