Relax licencing laws for live music venues

I would like the laws / licencing regulations  that increased the cost of allowing live music in pubs and other public buildings should be repealed to enable it to be easier for pubs, clubs and other public buidlings to stage live music.

Why does this idea matter?

This would enable the

  1. employment of more musicians,
  2. revival/survival of many pubs,
  3. improvment to the social and cultural life of many people

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1 Response

  1. M Cheek says:

    Fine for people who want to listen to other people’s music. What if they don’t like it? What if they wish to get good A level grades requiring reasonable quiet.
    What about our rights to live in peace? We don’t have to look if don’t want to see. We are forced to hear.
    We wish to Stand up, Stand up for our rights as the song goes.
    The new rules mean hell and misery for us.
    We are not able to move house,

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