The threshold for making medicines prescription only needs to be relaxed. We should be able to easily buy stronger medicines through pharmacy only or over the counter. That will mean we don't have to sit in misery with flu waiting for a doctors appointment, it will reduce the workload on doctors dealing with minor issues. Many of these medicines can be easily bought over the internet anyway from overseas without a prescription. We should be able to buy them from UK suppliers in the same way, at least that way we know they are not fake.

Only habit forming or clearly dangerous drugs should require a prescription. 'warning' drugs should require a pharmacy consultation, but that should be able to be provided online recognising we live in the internet age.

Why is this idea important?

Overall a win for everyone. Doctors can deal with those who are really sick. Those with minor illness can self treat with decent strength medicines which are already available over the counter in most other countries without having to wait to see the doctor, and the quality of the medicines will be better as they can be bought in the UK where the supply can be checked to ensure it is authentic. And costs should come down as there is more competition.

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