I am a smoker and travel to Belgium every 6 months to buy my tobaco at 1/3rd. the price of UK every time I do this I have to suffer interogation from HMC&E and made to feel like a criminal.

There is no problem with French border control on leaving the UK and entering France so why should there be a problem on re-entering my own Country. I am white, British and 66 years old. I have worked (without benefits) all my life without interuption and paid all taxes.

My Idea:

If taxes on tobaco were reduced in the UK to be more in line with the rest of Europe then there would be no need for me to purchase abroad. The UK would then benefit from my spending and there would be no reason for people to purchase abroad. The VAT rate in Belgium is 21% and yet tobaco is 1/3rd. cheaper than UK. Let there be a level playing field.

Why is this idea important?

My personal freedom (as a British Citizen) to purchase whatever and wherever I wish is being unfairly impeded by disparity with Europe by HMR&C and the UK Goverment.. We are Europeans so we should not be penalised for shopping in Europe.

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