Many rural villages such as mine suffer from high speed traffic as a reuslt of cut backs in police spending and a lack of enforcement. In my village 89% of people are concerned about speeding vehicles, and 69 would support traffic calming measures, but we are a rural village with no street lighing. CUrrent legislation insists on traffic calming measure bein lit, lest god forsake someone shoudl crach into them and have an accident! where is the irony in that? We do not wantot urbanise our village but are stuck with the need for traffic calming, witht he problem of not being able ot get it due ot he lack of street lights, or if we can get traffic calming, the cost is too prohibitive due ot he need ot install lighting.

RElax the laws…. if a car crashes into traffic calming measures, then surely they are driving without due car and attention in the first place!

Why is this idea important?

The current laws are prohibitive against traffic calming and require exessive costs of installin lighting, which for the most part is unecessary. Traffic calming could be installed at a great benefit to road users, at much lower cost to the tax payer. Rural areas can remain rural,  urban areas could be decluttered of the current trend of over zealous and confusing road signage.


Its time for a change to the benefit of the many, not for the benefit of those who chose to terrorise ont he roads an dignore the law.

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