Animal By-Products Regulation (ABPR) 2005 – deal with animal by-products, including the waste disposal industry, the animal feed industry, slaughterhouse operators, tanneries, farmers, food manufacturing premises, catering outlets, food retailers and zoos are affected by the ABPR. The legislation causes a major barrier to community groups who want to start their own community composting scheme, as such it means multinational giant foreign firms come in and monopolise the composting industry with high tech solutions which require the waste to be collected and hauled vast distances in deisel fueled vehicles at public expense, most of this waste could be dealt with on small scale local compost heaps on parks, gardens, allotments, farms etc, but there is so much environmental and safety regulations in the way despite composting being inherantly a simple and low risk activity which helps create nice soil improver for free and reduces organic waste thus helping save the planet.  


speak to defra and the community composting association they will vouch for this!

Why is this idea important?

greener waste management

cheaper waste management

less waste to landfill, less CO2

more community / volunteer involvement in waste management

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