Having worked all over the world I believe that the UK laws on licensing  are among the most repressive in the western world. This was illustrated recently when I had some French friends visit and we had to leave the pub at 11pm on a friday. They couldn't believe this was actually the law here and joked 'It's really funny that your government treat you like children'. I can understand what they think. It's frankly embarrassing.

Anywhere else in Europe, Pub opening times are at the discretion of the vender and not the government. And why not? Surely that is the basic freedom that everyone should have? In fact I can tell you that elsewhere in Europe generally people don't even head to the pubs until after 11.

I work all week and pay my tax's like an adult and I'd also like to be treated by my government as an adult. I think if you are worried about noise levels from pubs then the answer is simple. Don't live next to a pub. I think that people should be given the freedom to drink responsibly when they like and the vender should have the freedom to sell when they want without all the bureaucracy that goes with it. Surly that is basic rights of freedom?

For the first few months things would be crazy. The British people have been living in a 'nanny state' and have not been given the freedom to have a drink when they want. The attitude now is to drink as much as possible as quickly as possible before the bar shuts. If the law was relaxed, after a crossover period, I am positive this will change the attitude of the British people towards binge drinking resulting in more responsible consumption of alcohol over a longer period of time. My theory is that if you treat people like adults, then they will start acting like adults. 

I would call upon this government to please give both the people and the landlords of this country the basic rights that the rest of Europe and the western world enjoy in regards to pub closing times.








Why is this idea important?

To change the attitude of binge drinking in the UK which costs the NHS £2.7 billion a year. Basic rights of freedom. To remove the feeling of repression.  

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