As this is a Christian country, the Christian way of life should be respected and should not be 'brushed under the carpet' just to accommodate other religeons so as ''not to offend them''.  Most other religeons are happy to worship alongside Christians in the same community, but I believe it is wrong that for example Christmas cards depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, Easter cards depicting Christian symbols, etc should be barred from being on display and replaced by pictures of easter eggs, bunny rabbits and unreligeous symbols on Christmas cards or even not displayed at all  incase non Christians are offended.  This is a Christian nation and as such we should be honoured to display our beliefs and not have others be ashamed of us when it comes to religeon.

Why is this idea important?

We as a nation should be able to be open with our religeous beliefs – we allow others to worship freely, so we should be happy to be open in our religeous beliefs.  I fully accept that some do not have any religeous connections with any church and I respect that, but for those of us who do, we should be allowed to stand up publicly for what we believe and not feel we have to hide our beliefs. If our religeon means we want to wear a crucifix symbol to work on full view we should be allowed to. I personally prefer not to wear such a symbol but I respect those that do.  If I want to read my scriptures on the bus/train, read them while I am eating my lunch at work, etc, then I should be allowed to without any backlash from anyone.  Thats my choice and I should be allowed that freedom. Religeous freedom is for everyone, not for other religeons and never mind the Christians of this country.  Get things on a fair balance.

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