Religious education should be an integral part of education in schools. 

Why is this idea important?

Britain is not a secular country; it is supposed to be a Christian country.  Religious (and in particular Christian) education is an important pert of general education.  I do not agree that it should be abolished.  Even if people do not believe in God, why whould children not have the oppportunity to learn about this issue that is important to such a large part of society, both here and abroad?  For those who do have faith in God, having their children have the opportunity to study this, will be important as part of their faith.  Finally, there is clear evidence that the seculirisation of Britain has has a negative impact on moral values etc of a whole genaration (for example, the behaviour of our youth) since the trend began.  Whether people want to admit it or not, having some grounding and understanding of what religion teaches, and in particular, the Christian religion is important for the development of a morally-balanced society

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  1. Firstly, you are proposing something that already exists.

    I have all sorts of interests that are not taught in schools, why is religion so special? If you want children to learn about faith, great, but why should this be in school? take them to sunday school if you want that. your agenda is to try and convert all kids so you get your way, but that is evil. i actually think you should keep religion in schools, but be taught to equally criticise it too so children can chose, not be indoctrinated.

    where is your clear evidence on the negativity of secularism? we have had thousands of years of religious rule (you had your turn!) and yet it is now in the most secualar era that it is the most peaceful time to live. name me a war going on today that isnt about religion?

    you get your morals from religion do you? i dont. do you think then its morally ok to have slaves or stone your children or kill in gods name? if you do then well done for standing up to your religion. if not then well done for proving the morals of religion are wrong, and those that are good are good INCIDENTALLY.

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