I believe that vehicles which are substantially different to cars should require extra training but the cost to do this should be capped and the test prices should be considerably lower. However, vehicles which are more similar should not. Its common sense and we need to get of this crazy nanny state we ahve become and allow people to think for themselves.

By having so many diffierent vehcile tests and making costs of them so high it encourages people to drive illegally because they cannot afford to do it.

I have a full driving license and have recently had to pay £700 in order to take my trailer B + E class driving test to enable me to tow a horse trailer. I am horrified and disgusted about having to pay so much money to do this especially when I am covered under my current license to tow a trailer under 750kgs. The technique is exactly the same and quite honestly I have been driving a trailer with a horse in illegally because I was non the wiser.. the DVLA website is awful.

If you have passed you test prior to 1997 then you are automatically able to drive a trailer with a horse in or something of similar weight. If driving tests are supposed to be getting harder then surely it should be those who pass prior to 1997 who should take the test. What was in the water prior to 1997 that gave those taking their tests the gift of a better driving technique??


The entire system contradicts itself and is totally inconsistent. Its poor level of thought behind it just further causes people anger and highlights the fact this is another money taking scheme that quite simply is not fair on those trying to behave responsibly. I should have been able to spend the £700 on a better, safer horse trailer instead of having to really save to do an unnessesary test.

It’s infuriating and another old labour policy penalising people trying to behave appropriately and taking more of their hard earned money!!!!!!!!!

Why is this idea important?

Because it is encourages people to behave dishonestly. Its pricing people out of doing something that’s a requirement but one of those requirements that has to be funded privately.

I could understand that training may be required and that completion of a course could be listed on ones license but why retest someone’s driving when they already have a driving license. The average cost of trailer driving tuition is £90 per hour, a test on a week day is £115 and a test on the weekend is £141 which is ludicrous. If you need to use the trainers car for the test they will charge you a further hour. The money is completely out of control and the costs of trailer training are the cheapest of the trailer. LGV/HGV training is hugely more expensive than this.

Here is an example, I took a two day course at a cost of £474, and the test was £115. On the first day the trailer trainer said my test had been moved to 10am the next day so although I had paid for two days I was effectively getting one day. The test me all through reading town centre which is highly unlikely with a horse trailer. I perfected my maneuvers on the first attempt. I passed all the required safety checks and managed to safely couple and re couple the trailer to the vehicle. I then went on the road for over an hour (recommended time 50 minutes). I was exhausted and nervous because I wanted to pass for financial reasons. As I turned back towards the test centre I found myself at the front of a queue at a set of traffic lights. A segregated bus lane was to my left. The bus lane turned green and I went to put my hand on the handbrake because I thought I was my lane. I didn’t move off the line and I certainty did not put anyone in any danger. The examiner yelled stop before the handbrake was even off and that it had caused me to fail. This was despite having a few minors during the test and that was it. Why should he fail me for a driving error when I am obviously already safe to drive as I have a full driving license? I didn’t move over the line and I noticed that it was not my light almost immediately but he had shouted first. So, I failed the test over £500 out of pocket. Taking it again has cost a further £260 which is bananas! It was obvious I knew how to safely tow and it was obvious I knew what I was doing. Situations almost identical to this are always happening and I wonder if the centers have a quota of failures per week to make. It’s really really bad behavior and totally penalizes the honest few who are trying to take the test to make themselves a legal driver.

Trailer trainers have you over a barrel and they use and abuse it further encouraging illegal driving and use of trailers without the proper licensing.

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