The ombudsman system which has proved so biased in the past both through its metod of implimentation and the legislation behind it has left many with the justified opinion that The complaints system is set up to only allow the most tenatious to sort out problems caused by rouge officials – the system only really works if lawysers are involved and it failes to look at the mortar between the bricks – it is so compartmentalised it simply cannot work in these multidisciplinery events where social workers work with both police and health services meaning if something does go wrong each blames the other and the victims problems caused by these events are not solved they are simply next weeks next months next years headlines with a change of victims names.

The system should be replaced with local problem solvers who have the right to ensure the victim is not airbrushed off the problems  listing into the either. Problems solved should result in all the same problems solved not problem solved filed and ignored ready for the next victim to go through the same process again to find the same fault.


The government complaints system should be people based not Department based and it should not be biased against the general public by design and default.

Why is this idea important?

To prevent the vulnerable and in fact any person who is using the services off their government from being made to knock down brick walls lined with steel and backed with a topping of barbed wire from simply being treated as human beings as opposed to the enemy by officals who have moved away from their brief – who have over stepped the mark of 'public servant' – who are acting against the best interests of the individual while claiming 'it is for their own protection

It is to prevent local and central government officals from attemptingt to hide the truth fo what they have done by secrecy, stealth, old pals acts, or nepotisim of office.

It is to prevent officals simply believing other officals are perfect in their mode of work such that a member of the public when they challange this mode of work is dismissed as crankey or vexsatious simply becuase they are so offended by the officals actions. The present system of 9 seperate complaints bodies to deal with the abuse of one single disabled pensioner is unacceptble and unsupportable both financially and morally – the system should be people no department orintated.

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