Working in recruitment used to be a fairly simple job. Since the introduction of EU law to our sector it has become more and more difficult to offer a competitive and flexible service to our clients.

People do temporary contracts for a variety of reasons. In between permanent jobs, as a more flexible working arrangement, because they want to work part time and when they are coming back to work after a career break or due to family commitments.

Our clients use us because they require a more flexible and temporary work force. We help them to cover sickness and holidays and also staff up for projects that have a limited time frame. Without total flexibility the benefits are lost.

A temporary worker in our sector is paid more than a permanent worker to compensate them for the temporary nature of their work and the lack of guaranteed continuity of work. We now have to load that with the same benefits as a permanent employee? This makes little sense especially when most temporary workers choose to be such.

All these costs are passed to the end user. The end user will, at some stage, not be able to swallow these extra costs and look to employ direct hence losing the flexibility of a temporary employee.

So i suggest that we regain total flexibility back into the UK's workforce by removing these burdens and also removing the EU Working Time Directive to boot.

Thanks Nick, I’m so pleased that you are allowing this process and listening to business. Great effort.

Why is this idea important?

The EU Agency Workers Directive and the working time directive targets the flexible workforce in the UK. Without agency workers and temps we will loose our ability to cover sickness and holidays and staff up for short projects employers also loose the comfort of flexible workers when cashflow is too tight to make a full time commitment to a person. The EU Agency Worker Directive needs to be shelved in order to retain a flexible work force in the UK.

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