Civil liberties gone mad, in the eyes of the law no matter what you do you will unless your child is put up for adoption have responsibilty for your child.

This means you can abuse children be prosecuted and still have parental responsibilty, you can murder somebody, rape somebody and god knows what else but it would never be removed.

This means a child or a partner who has endured years of abuse still has to seek permission to take there child out of the country by somebody who is in prison, the only steps you can have put in place are no contact orders and prohibitive steps order, even then if you were to leave the country for longer than a month you would have to still seek permission from the other parent who could be more of a danger to the childs well being.

Your liberties are taken away when you goto prison and i feel if it is a long term sentence parental responsibility should be removed especially if the imprisoned parent is not released until after the child is of adult age.

Why is this idea important?

I think this is important as these court cases are costing the system millions in legal aid,

Bored prisoners harrassing ex partners whom they have already abused for numerous years, and feel no matter what they do they will never be able to escape.

How can somebody be responsible for a child if they are not deemed responsible enough for there own lives.  Parental responsibilty should only be removed from those serving long term sentences or those of continual domestic violence, i feel this is more proof that those who are a danger to society have more rights than those who are not.

It would probably help a lot of men/women get out of violent/mentally abusive relationships as i am sure many know no matter what they do, the partner will always find them via school reports.


I am sure there are many more reasons why this ridiculous law be removed


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