These are a complete waste of space and money. There are large chunks of the country with these signs and no cameras. If nothing else, it's false advertising!

Why is this idea important?

The threat of a deterent is often not a threat at all. People see the sign and slow down, quickly realise that there is no camera and speed up. Net effect, wasted money. It's the same as a parent threatening a punishment and the punishment not happening. The kid will just ignore the threat

The current rules for static cameras are that they would have to be justified on the grounds of public safety rather than a revenue maker (as is the case around Blackpool – it is possible to lose your licence in less than a mile because of the number of cameras!). This involves an inquiry and lots of other expenses – money which could be used to greater good elsewhere.

These signs are a waste of time and money. If there are no cameras, there should not be a sign.

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