speed cameras have never been and never will be used for road safety, they are used as revenue generating devices. ANPR also erodes civil liberties since cars are tarcked, this is suppossed to help with the percieved terrorist threat, and how real is that? Something just cooked up by the state so we can be watched…


Why is this idea important?

Why don't we have more police on the roads, this would help to clampdown on other driving offences such as driving whilst using a mobile phone, drivers tailgating and drivers overtaking on the inside on the motorway. By bringing back the police onto our roads they could use discretion and help to restore some public confidence.

In fact the only time i do see a policeman is when he is in a speed camera van by the side of the road, however when i get my car broken into and things stolen they really coouldnt care. People seem to forget the Police are paid for by us the tax payer, however they are instruments of the state. 

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