There should be no imposed limits on when businesses of specific types should be allowed to trade.

All commercial businesses, from supermarkets to DIY stores to clothes shops should be allowed to open at whatever time they see fit.

Why is this idea important?

Currently, trading laws are biased in a number of ways.

1) Only certain businesses are restricted (garages, pubs etc. can open all day Sunday)

2) It removes the rights of workers to maximize their earnings (students etc.)

3) It removes the rights of the consumer to manage their own time and choose when they wish to visit supermarkets etc.

4) It removes the rights of businesses to provide services and gain competative advantages

5) It is prejudiced against people with certain working patterns and lifestyles.

Currently, as the law stands, you can buy alcohol and cigerettes from a pub but you cannot buy bread or tomatoes from a supermarket.

If someone, for whatever reasons (religious or traditional) wishes to abstain from certain activities on any particular day of the week or year then that is there individual choice and it should not be inflicted on the rest of the nation who may not agree.

3 Replies to “Removal of Sunday and Bank Holiday trading restrictions”

  1. This is fundamentally WRONG on so many levels. Businesses will operate 24/7, and force people to work against their will. Many people will not be bale to spend their holidays with their families. people wanting to visit tonw centres as tourists etc. will not be able to escape the retail monster. Retail outlets are already open far too long in most places. IT SHOULD BE STOPPED!

  2. Can’t agree more. We live in a 24×7 society and businesses should be permitted to trade when they like.

  3. As an alternative, why not abolish bank holidays?

    After all, if you abolish bank holiday trading restrictions your are stealing their employees bank holiday.

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