To remove all distinctions between public and private employees. This barrier between workers is historically based and its use is now in doubt and cannot be justified in terms of the superior condidtions and expectations now held by public sector employees.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important and its implementation long overdue. Public sector workers enjioy superior working condidtions involving pay, salaries, conditions of employment; pensions, early retirement, sick leave and many other anomalous terms and allowances that are not enjoyed by private sector workers.

Public sector workers attract greater Trade Union and Staff Association support and this is reflected in political and ideological preferement and access to powerful insider allegiances in Government the Civil Service and its agencies. This dichotomy of working conditions must be regularised to remove privilege and diferentials in lifestyle and expectations.

Thisstate of our public sector and its relationship to other less fortunate workers cannot be sustained any longer. It causes resentments and reinforces notions and high perceptions of privilege and better treatment. It allows public sector workers greater security and allows access to better motgage rights and terms and better expectations for private health care, education and life-style.

The conditions of all employed people should now be normalised as a matter of urgency.

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