Remove any and all privileges, tax breaks and special treatment given to ALL "religious" organisations.  Religion is a personal life style choice and should have no more control on public life or impact on legislation than the fan club of some football team or pop star.  I am not a Christian nor a follower of Islam nor a Buddhist nor a believer in any of the multitude of other religions available and I see no reason why I should fund (indirectly) these organisations through taxes.  I see no reason why the laws of this land should have to take into account any of the so-called beliefs of these organisations thereby forcing me to follow them.  There is no reason for them to receive tax breaks or subsidies that are paid for out of my taxes. All religious organisations are nothing more than fan-clubs or international businesses and should be treated and taxed as such.

Why is this idea important?

Religion is a personal life style choice. By giving these organisations special treatment, tax breaks and political privilege they are being allowed to force their beliefs on the general populace.  As an example, would you like to be forced to wear a Manchester Utd football team shirt if you supported Manchester City?   I don't want to be forced to do something a particular way just because some religion or other says so, do you?  Religious privileges and their affects on legislation are a more subtle way of doing just that.  Just because you a senior figure in some religious organisation should not give you the right to sit in the House of Lords and decide the laws of the land.

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