The current 70mph limit on our motorways is woefully outdated,
in the real world how many drivers actually abide by it?

I suggest a removal of the motorway speed limit, to be replaced by more charges of careless or dangerous driving.
Consider this,

Person A is driving on a motorway at 6am on clear dry Sunday morning,very few vehicles on the road.
They are travelling at 100mph.

Person B is driving on the same motorway in winter at a busy period,
weaving in and out of traffic at 70mph.

Who is more dangerous?

We need less arbitary rules and a move towards common sense allowing police to exercise their judgement.

Why is this idea important?

It would restore public faith in the police and justice system, and convince people that fairness is in play as opposed to big revenue generation exercise.

One Reply to “Remove all speed limits on motorways”

  1. I would be a big mistake to put your idea into effect, mainly because to many people are to stupid to know what a safe speed is.
    The speed limit exists because it saves lives, there are far to many idiots on our roads at the moment, the main way to spot them is that they are the ones flying by you on the motorway at 100mph, or behind you flashing their lights to get by when you are doing 70mph. all the issues that need addressing and your main concern is the speed limit…. grow up!!

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