To remove ASBOsand with them the potential to create criminals who have committed no offence against the law, except not keeping to their asbo.

Why is this idea important?

ASBOs are unneccesssary. If a person is committing an offence, they should be prosecuted using proper legal channels. If we need to create new offences they should be created through and by parliament in a democratic fashion. As things stand a person can be given an asbo for something which is not illegal, then criminalised for failing to meet the conditions of their asbo. What joy for the nascent police state nurtured by Blair and Co.

I believe in democracy and the rule of law. I believe(d) in our criminal justice system, by and large. Asbos are cynical and they make the population cynical. Justice must be seen to be done, and must be seen as a tool of the people, not of the state. People are losing faith in the law and the justice system. Ever heard a young person say how much they trust the police? I even recently heard a magistate saying that it was better not to waste public money trying people for offences in the courts when on the spot fines could me much more widely applied.

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