Remove Bank advertising from TV that only serves to promote a brand/image rather than properly inform of actual interest rates for borrowing or saving. 

Why is this idea important?

Bank Ads are often weird- promoting an "image", and are boring and annoying as a result. Little information about current interest rates for borrowing or saving is given, except for some smaller, – often foreign, banks.

As a britsh taxpayer -having become the majority shareholder in Lloyds and RBS/ Nat West – the source of many  crappy "brand promoting", pointless ads  I feel that Im having to pay for both these uninformative ads, and pay my TV licence fee to watch em. Both banks have extensive high St presence anyway, and plenty of other free publicity on the telly!

The Govt representatives on the boards -possibly by direct action/regulation- and ideally the rest of the boards of Lloyds and RBS can surely save us all voluntariyby helping ensure our money is no longer wasted on expensive "brand image" Bank Ads, the money saved can be passed back to us; ie their indebtedness can be cleared more quickly, and our freedom to watch better telly ads. can be ensured.

Come on and vote for this one to show your sick of Banks taking away our freedom to spend our taxes productively, wasting time, and viewing freedoms with their uninformative and crappy advertising.

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