Remove benefits and translations for people who only speak foreign languages

Why is this idea important?

People who can’t be bothered to learn English (or another British language such as Welsh depending on where they live) are pandered to with translations and get benefits even though they can’t contribute to the country due to not being able to use the language and thus being unsuitable for most jobs.

There should be no money wasted on translations for foreign languages and all benefit applications should be in a British language so only people wanting to contribute to the country should be able to get them.

This money would be better spent on British people or better immigrants that make an effort

5 Replies to “Remove benefits from people who can’t speak a British language”

  1. I am agreed with you but there is no rules without exceptions as you cannot stop a British to fall in love to a foreigner or somebody from any part of EU countries.
    Also this idea to be valide needs to be supported by more English classes. It will make sens to support somebody trying to improve his/her English to secure a better job pay in a future.

  2. Asylum seekers should not get benefit but a least the right to work. You took the dignity a many decent families away by taking their right to work in UK.
    The force of the UK economy is depending on the work force of the asylum seekers.

  3. dont just stop benefits remove them from the uk they are just ere for a free easy life if they was here to work they wouldnt need benefits as they would be recieving a wage yet again we are being pilfered and raped by freeloaders

  4. Why should this country publish signs and health literature in vast amounts of languages and provide interpreter at taxpayers expense I don’t know if all countries do this as much as us but it’s time to curb things

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