As things stand a persons ability to protect themself, their family and their property is severely hindered by the legal interpretation of 'necessarry force' so that, in order not to hurt an intruder too much, the intruder may be allowed to cause death, injury and property damage.

In any confrontation the intruder is at an advantage as the mere fact that they are an intruder confirms that they have no similar respect for rules or laws in deciding their response and in preparation for the crime they will have armed themselves as they think necessary in advance.

I believe that if a person breaks into another persons house then the householder should be entitled to use any and all means he thinks are necessary to protect himself, his family and his property but short of being allowed to inflict torture or other injuries after the intruder or intruders have been immobalised..

Why is this idea important?

  1. Discourage crime.
  2. Allow law abiding people the dignity of the right to protect themselves and their families.
  3. Stop people in other countries laughing at us.
  4. Let the law support victims instead of prosecuting victims and supporting criminals.

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