Most people don't know this, but companies that build custom spec computer systems are braking the law unless they spend around £500 – £1000 for CE compliance for each "variant" of the system. In I.T., there are thousands of "variants" (e.g. size of RAM, made of hard drive, style of case)

I am asking the government to remove the CE testing, marking and documentation keeping for the companies that assemble or upgrade computers.

Why is this idea important?

Custom built computers, or computers which have been upgraded/repaired, are all subject to EU laws on CE marking. I cannot stress enough how badly this works for the I.T. industry!

If a small computer shop makes a "custom built" computer for a customer, that shop will not have the money, time or willpower to send the computer for a "EMC test" which will cost about £500 – £1000! Considering that the profit made on a PC is around £50 – 100, this is unacceptable.

Custom built or upgraded computers should not be classes as "new products". An excemption to the law should be made to the IT industry.

Of course, laws should still be in place that make sure that the actual components used to build the PC are safe (or are themselves CE marked), however these components are made in large quantities by multi-national coroporations.

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