I would remove the charitable status that private sector schools currently enjoy thus forcing them to pay taxes like any other private sector business, which after all, is what these schools really are.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because state schools are being put under pressure with the promised cutbacks.  As a tax payer, I am subsidising the private sector of education but do not use it as I choose to use the state sector for my children’s education. I am funding an unfair and priviledged sector with my taxes and it must stop!

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  1. Bad idea!
    Parents who send their children to private schools also pay for the education of others in the state education system, because they still pay taxes. You don’t hear them complaining about having to pay for schools which they don’t use.
    You are not ‘subsidising’ private schools because a subsidy is specifically a sum of money *paid to* an institution, whereas with charitable status private schools just don’t have to pay as much tax.
    In addition, contrary to popular belief not everyone who educates their children at a private school has bucket loads of money. A removal of charitable status would lead to significant fee increases which could render a large proportion of children currently educated at these establishments unable to go there anymore. This would result in them having to be moved to the state sector- a greater cost for the government. We are already short of school places, so forcing more people into the state education system wouldn’t help.Furthermore, removal of charitable status would mean that private schools can no longer afford to provide bursaries, further reducing the opportunity for those from low-income families to benefit from such an education.

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