When I became a diabetic in 1993 my insurance premium went through the roof, my licence was restricted to three years but I could still drive vehicles up to 7.5 ton.

After renewing my licence for the second three year period, I was told the C1/D1 entitlement had been removed. I was told that if I was to pay to have various medical checks etc. I maybe considered for C1 entitlement for 1 year only.

My idea is to restore C1/D1 entitlement to diabetic drivers who already had the privilage before they became diabetic.

Why is this idea important?

It's blatant discrimination! Where is the evidence to suggest that a diabetic C1/D1 driver is any more a hazard on the road than a 'normal' person? I already have more than my share of medical checks including a thorough eye exam every year. Just to add weight to my arguement – I have won the London Vintage Taxi Driver of the Year award three times beating all 'normal' drivers. I also took and passed the RoSPA advanced driving test to the higest standard. I have also just passed the MiDAS minibus test as a volunteer driver. All this as a diabetic driver, so if that isn't discrimination, I'd like to know what is! 

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