Councils come up with hundreds of useless and draconian  bylaws that restrict civil liberties. The result is we all suffer, with fines being imposed for anything from putting your rubbish in the wrong type of bin, to flying a kite in the park, metal detecting –  pretty much anything you can think of, some councils have a bylaw against it.


Remove these useless and draconian council bylaws.  Its clear many of these people just dream up any laws they can to ruin peoples fun and increase their revenues by fines.

Remove the power for random people to dream up new ways of stealing our civil liberties and fining us.


Some bylaws are good, but many are just not needed and infringe on peoples rights.

Have tighter controls on making bylaws, and make them after consultation and only where the evidence dictates its needed, and possibly after a vote.


Thank you

Why is this idea important?

Because Councils are erroding our civil liberties and preventing  enjoyment from lesiure activities, which is the purpose of having parks etc.

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