Currently the 2007 regulations force all FE teachers and others working in the lifelong learning sector to become members of the Institute for Learning.  It is BIS who fund their joining fee with the intention in the near future for the members themselves to pay their own fee in the near future.  However, if colleges decide to freeze pay increases then the regulatory demand to join an organisation that has had very little impact for improvement on the majority of FE lecturers seems unfair and unreasonable.  I am not saying abolish IfL but what I am asking for is the removal of the regulations and if teachers wish to join IfL then that is fine but there is no need for all teachers and trainers in the FE lifelong learning sector to become members

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because the current cost to the tax payer is astronomical without evidence of added value to the improvement of teaching and learning.  It would also remove the added checks required when employing a teacher or trainer in carrying out checks on their current membership status.

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