Currently, if you fail to display a tax disc you face a fine even though if have paid your car tax. This happened to me when my tax disc holder fell on the floor.

This law might have been justified in the past because if the Police came across your car they had no way of knowing if it was taxed. However, there is now a national database so it takes seconds for the Police to check.

I suggest that drivers that have paid their tax but are not displaying a disk should be given the same fault notification that is given when cars have defects such as blown headlights. This would give the driver 2 weeks to get their tax disc displayed properly and they can take it to a garage to get proof this has been done.

Why is this idea important?

Fines like this feel so unfair, it is not a massive amount of money but the principle left me very frustrated.

There are many drivers out there driving without tax, MOTs and/or insurance and because their cars aren't even registered it feels like they get away with it. When you have paid all these things then still get fined it erodes your respect and trust in the Police and the law.

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  1. Fantastic and simple idea. The offence for not displaying if you’ve paid is obsolete and any police officer applying a ticket is simply collecting revenue or a brainless twit. I suspect the former.

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