To remove the holiday home restriction so as to allow owners to live in them the whole year round and offer them for long term rent. A lot of these properties are built or converted to Building Regulations the same as full residential properties and have good insulation and heating allowing all year round occupation. This would also ease the shortage of propery in the first time buy segment and make it easier for the prospective purchasers to get morgages on these properties which are currently difficult to get.

Why is this idea important?

There are lots of properties caught in this position (particfularly in Norfolk) that do not sell and are not being used to their  full potential.  To have the holiday home restriction lifted to be able to use them as a residential property which at present cannot easily be policed by the local council who would need to evict people currently breaking this restriction and if enforced by the local council would possibly render them homeless. It would also be an advantage to local areas in easing property shortages and assisting local councils in acheiving their property development targets.

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  1. This does need to be seriously considered, there are so many competing tourist businesses, high running costs and guests want cheap deals that it is impossible to economically support this planning approach. Is there some comfort from the decison against Broad Authority BA/2011/0297/cond and 0298

  2. We have a Grade Il listed barn conversion and have been letting it with an Agency for 14 years, it has a holiday use restriction, that states it cannot be our primary residence. We are now retired and wish to sell the property but potential buyers have said they would want the holiday let restriction lifted as a condition of purchase.
    We were assured by the developer and the local council that the restriction could be lifted but so far this is not the case.
    The persons wishing to buy it are local, have no children so there is no extra load on local facilities, Schooling, doctors, transport etc.
    We think that the removal of the holiday restriction is a good idea as it will ease the pressure on local housing demand.
    How do we go about lifting the holiday restriction?

  3. Good idea. Its such a waste of land and resources to allow these properties to stand empty for any amount of time. There are people including myself who are struggling to buy a property but who could afford a park home. This could solve a big part of the housing crisis.

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