The fact that convicted prisoners are locked up indicates they are a menace to society. Therefore, if they cannot respect other peoples human right to security/safety, then remove all their rights to enable effective punishment. This would also generate a significant cost saving to the prison service.

As their time in jail comes to an end, introduce a rehabilitation plan (with human rights reinstated depending on behaviour).

For foreign nationals claiming they will be victimised upon return to their contry of origin – don't commit the crime here in the first place, simple. It is good for Britain to have a wide number of nationalities arriving on our shores, but abide by our rules or leave.

Why is this idea important?

Prisoners, whilst not enjoying liberty to go out and about, make demands on the system for resources. They have committed a crime against society, and it is in the public interest that they are locked up. With human rights in place, prisoners have successfully gain TVs, video games, and a food/drink menu that is better than most of the population enjoy (and per inmate is higher than the investment in school meals per child).

Not only will the removal of luxury items be a cost saving for the prison service, the removal of human rights will allow a greater remit for initial crime punishment, but also as a 'carrot-stick' system for ongoing behaviour whilst in jail.

Final point – soldiers are not allowed human rights on the battlefield (recent ruling) so why should prisoners?

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