Ynys Môn county council introduced a scheme whereby seacraft with engines over 10 hp needed to be insured and registered with the authority in order to use council slipways on the isle of Anglesey for which they are charged a further launching fee.  The idea was to ensure powerboats and jetskiers were covered with third party insurance in case of a claim against them for injury to other sea-users. They have now (and possibly illegally) widened the scheme to include any boat with an engine. Owners of such boats have to provide proof of insurance and register although there is no launch fee for using the slipway. The scheme is monitored between May and September from 10 am to 5pm. The authority considers the scheme the same as licensing a car before you can use it on the road. However they have no power to stop recreational boaters on the high seas or outside the time when the wardens are present. There are plans to impose similar restrictions on kayaks and canoes. It may well be that the council has no authority to raise money in this way as no service is being provided. People have been using the slipways on the Isle of Anglesey for decades without hindrance. I understand the need to license power boats with powerful engine that could injure someone but I do not see any need to impose the same restriction on people using small boats with low-powered engines for a bit of fishing. 

Why is this idea important?

Because it is taking away the right for people with small boats at no danger to anyone else to use the seas around our coast as they have been doing for centuries. 

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