Local Councils are repeatedly abusing their position and utilising RPIA Serious Crime/anti-terror laws to snoop on their electorate for incredibly trivial things.


They cannot self regulate, and have in fact placed a dark cloud over the whole issue of Anti-Terror legislation.


  • Accessing Phone Record to try to identify who had pruned a tree (Croyden)
  • Catch people leaving goods outside charity shops, 'fly tipping' (Bromley)
  • Bugging someone who played drums (Tower Hamlets)
  • Football fans leaving Emirates Stadium (no problems being reported, no violence etc) – to see if they are drinking. (Camden)
  • Restaurant delivery drivers to monitor noise levels (Poole)
  • Recycling Banks to monitor usage (Milton Keynes)
  • Monitoring Paper Boys to check for correct permits. (yes – paper boys!!!) – Cambridgeshire
  • Bin men for accepting bribes (1 bottle of Strawberry flavoured water on a hot day) – Bury
  • etc etc etc etc – just google it!

Why is this idea important?

Invasion of peoples privacy is a serious concern, and the Local Councils are clearly failing to regulate their own usage of laws which were  passed to adress serious crimes and terror in snooping on people for the most trivial things.


Councils are clearly not able to regulate themselves, so should have the rights removed.

One Reply to “Remove Local Councils ability to use RIPA – Serious Crime/Anti Terror laws”

  1. The petitioner misunderstands RIPA. It does not provide powers, it provides cover against action under Section 8 of the Human Rights Act .

    many of the Council RIPA applications were precautionary and the activities could have been carried out without it.

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