There are restrictions being enforced by the DVLA and the Transport Department that prevent the government from earning hundreds of millions of pounds.

Scrapping these restrictions would cause little disruption and would help reduce the budget deficit. It would also be HIGHLY POPULAR WITH THE PUBLIC.

My first proposal:

* Remove restrictions on the format for vehicle number plates and then auction them off.

That means:

* Allow two letter number plates – i.e. AA, BB etc
* Allow two number number plates, i.e. 11, 22 etc.
* Allow one letter and one number plates i.e. 1A
* Allow combinations of letters of numbers to create three character number plates, i.e. ADA, BOB, JIM etc.
* Allow combinations of letters of numbers to create four character number plates, i.e. MIKE, JANE, ANDY etc.
* Allow combinations of letters of numbers to create five character number plates, i.e. BROWN, DORIS, JIMMY, PETER, GREEN, etc.
* Allow combinations of letters of numbers to create six character number plates, i.e. HAROLD, WILSON, TORIES, LABOUR  etc.
* Allow combinations of letters of numbers to create seven character number plates, i.e. CAMERON, ASHDOWN, LIBDEMS etc.

Many current personalised number plates attempt to create words by the creative use of the existing format of lettters and numbers. Removing these restrictions would simply remove these artificial obstacles.

The second proposal:

* Allow the registration of number plates from vehicles that have been scrapped.

Currently number plates of vehicles that have been scrapped are unavailable for re-registration. That means that there are millions of combinations of letters and numbers that are no longer available to purchase. This is a really silly restriction, and recycling these plates could again bring in millions of pounds for the Treasury.

I am sure that DVLA and Transport Department apparatchiks can think of a hundred reasons why the restrictions on number plates should continue, but frankly none of them stand up to close scrutiny, and in a fiscal emergency removing these restrictions makes sense and could bring in hundreds of millions of pounds for a hard pressed Treasury.

I have no connection with the secondary number plate business Incidentally, but I would love an uncluttered personalised number plate that showed a single word or a set of initials.

Why is this idea important?

There were probably good reasons to restrict number plates to a particular format in the past, however the introduction of ANPR has made most of those reasons redundant.

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