No one disputes the need for suitable premises for Holiday Clubs, or adherence to commonsense Health and Safety standards, or CRB checks for Holiday Club staff. But when Holiday Clubs became subject to inspection by OFSTED thousands of voluntary clubs cancelled their provision. According to The Childcare (Exemptions from Registration) Order 2008 you are bound to register with OFSTED, as well as the Local Authority, if you run longer than 2hours a day (so a full morning or afternoon is out) or for longer than 14 days.

No end of parents groups, churches, schools, preschools etc would run Holiday Clubs if OFSTED would keep out of it. Why do they need to interfere during Holidays? Have they not heard of the concept of a Holiday? it is supposed to be when children can have fun, make things, do drama, music, outings, sport – all without worrying about a curriculum or education standards. IT'S A HOLIDAY!!!!!!

Taking OFSTED out of this kind of thing will save millions, liberate thousands of voluntary groups to go back to the great provision they used to make before this empire building, and be better for our children.

It's not the Taliban who will take over the country, its OFSTED, whose ever growing incursion into our children's lives, ever changing goal posts, ever earlier intervention is stressing out our teachers and preschool practitioners and not improving child education one bit.

Why is this idea important?

This will reduce the load of bureaucracy on voluntary Holiday Clubs, encourage groups who once ran them to do so again, save the nation's money, and improve holiday time provision for our children.

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  1. GREAT!!! I’m a teacher and don’t think it is appropriate to have inspections for holiday clubs. Ofsted should simply come and check once that the building in suitable and any paperwork (minimal e.g CRBs) are in place and then KEEP OUT of it!

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