Please remove old and trivial convictions from the CRB.  I mean things like convictions for credit violations, juvenile theft, using bad cheques or minor deception.  Why not give these people another chance in later life if their records have remained unchanged for, say, 10 years. 

Why is this idea important?

Such convictions are the blight of a mis-spent (or disadvantaged) youth and prevent perfectly respectable adults from qualifying for some types of work.

3 Replies to “Remove old and trivial convictions”

  1. Totally agree however this has now become worse and the law has made it now impossible to have a ‘spent conviction’. A whole generation of people are unemployable or discriminated against and there is no incentive now for them to stay out of trouble even if you just shoplifted 20 years ago because now because recent ammenments to the Act mean even a minor offence will stay with you for life and that minor offence you may have forgotton about WILL be on your future CRB now and I am sure this fact will embarress and cause discrimination in the future for millions of people.

    The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act is WORTHLESS now….dont believe me, then get a CRB and find out for yourself.

  2. Is a good idea. There are no redeeming features in this so called democratic society, no second chances for working people, like me, who made one single mistake and now marked for life., I have to wait Eleven years for a scratched car for my conviction to became spent and then it just shows on my CRB anyway. Then you see Pistorius who killed his girlfriend going free. It’s just a bad joke.
    Tony S

  3. Yes it’s a good idea. Committed an offence at age 14 and now unable to get the job that I want at age 36.
    A bad & very stupid decision I made as a teenager has ruined my life. I’ve never hurt a fly and care about people.
    I’ll never be able to follow my dreams & help people as a caree.

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