I think its absolutely disgusting that we have to pay £250,000 per annum to protect ex-PM Tony Blair.  Any protection he requires for his new jobs should be paid for by the bodies employing him.  His homes, family and possessions should not be guarded or protected by any UK body ESPESCIALLY as he is no longer a serving MP.  It is particularly outrageous that we have to pay tens of thousands of pounds to protect him and his family when they take 6* holidays in places that are very difficult to reach and police.  This goes for ALL ex-PMs of whatever colour ofcourse and should also apply to minor royals like the Duke of Yorks two daughters – we should not have to pay to protect their clubbing activities and topless sunbathing.  If their father is nervous he should encourage them to keep a low profile like the late Princess Margaret did with her daughter, Lady Sarah. 

Why is this idea important?

Its important because it would save desperately needed funds and reduce actual and perceived inequalities in society.   It might discourage politicians from using their careers as a launch pad to enormous riches if they thought they may have to take some responsibility for their physical safety in the years that follow.  I suppose it is naive to think that the younger members of the  royal family might set some small kind of moral or dignified example but at least the ordinary taxpayer should not have to pay for them to enter fully into the ordinary levels of society (ie nightclubs, restaurants) while the rest of us never get a sniff of their unvelievably vaulted standard of living. 

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