Scale back (or scrap) the CRB system.

I propose the CRB system be restricted and categorised – i.e. if someone wishes to work in a finance field, which may require POCA clearance, then only arrests/convictions for finance related offences should be shown.

Similarly, positions working with children/vulnerable groups should still require a CRB, but ONLY arrests/convictions for related offences should be revealed.

Why is this idea important?


The CRB system effectively nullifies the Rehabiliation of Offenders Act (RoOA).

Previously, someone convicted of an offence who received a custodial sentence was able to "spend" their conviction after a certain period of time (i.e. 5 years), assuming their period of incarceration was below a certain limit (examples taken from :

This allowed a person to "make a clean start", by not having to declare their previous history/criminal record, which may prejudice their ability to obtain employment.

However, with the CRB system, ALL arrests, cautions and convictions are recorded and made available, until a persons 100th birthday – meaning that if a company requests a CRB for someone with a past conviction, regardless of it being "spent" or not, cannot hope to attempt to make a clean start.

The CRB system has "crept" in scope, so that now all local government posts require a CRB check, and many employers who do not provide services to/for vulnerable groups also now want candidates to submit to a CRB check.

This would maintain the ability to keep relevant groups/bodies safe, but not overly jeopardize other avenues of employment for someone with a previous record.


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