To remove or ammend part 6 of the Natural Enviroment and Rural Communities bill, so as to allow the vehicular use once again of "off road" trails formally known as "RUPP'S" and "BOATS".

Why is this idea important?

The use of trails once classified as RUPP'S (Roads used as public paths) and "BOATS" (byeways open to all traffic)  was up untill 2006 enjoyed by riders and drivers of "off road" vehicles for many years. The useage of said trails by off roaders was estimated to be approx 5% of all trails nation wide which were accessable to the general public.

The majority of these off road vehicles used on the trails were, allthough not legally required taxed/tested ie legal and used responsibly and with respect for other user's of the country side.

This had been so for many years and such use had been enjoyed by many  people, this "right of way " was taken from us by a labour government in an indecent space of time, given that it took them 7 years to ban the killing of wild animals by dogs.

At the time part of the argument for keeping access to the trails open to vehicles, was that if removed it would lead to an increase of illeagal off road use of vehicles all over the country side. This has in fact happened and has resulted in greater damage to the land, conflict with other user's and an increased useage of police resources trying to police said illeagal off roading.

Therefore my proposal is to remove/ammend said NERC bill so as to allow once again legal use of these trails by off road vehicles.

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